Behind the scenes

How nice of you to find my blog Day to day looks! I have always been interested in everything “girly”. My mother often tells the story of me entertaining our guests by changing my wardrobe every few minutes. This happened when I was only a few years old – a little toddler. Apparently I always ended up picking pieces that would match perfectly together and if there were any accessory at hand, I would use it!

A few years went by, and I started to show interest in grooming my hair too. Guess I wasn’t too pleased how my mother never had time to fix my hair before she had to leave for work and drop me off to daycare. What else could I have done, but to train myself to do so! Luckily the bold spots, I ended up having for not quite mastering the arts of putting my hair up with a scrunchy, also healed nicely.

Along came the early teens and I introduced myself to the wonderful world of makeup. First mascara and some eyeliner and then eyeshadow and lipgloss and lipstick and whatever I could find and dared to try!

Now I am a working mother of two sons and this girly part of me hasn’t disappeared anywhere! I still just love to put on makeup and fix my hair. And I do it every single day, no matter what!

I welcome you to join my day to day looks for inspiration and happy thoughts!